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You guys know that I have travelling quite a lot recently – I travelled to 7 countries in 2018. Since beginning my international travel about 11 years ago so much has changed in the travel sector and most of the change is due to technology, these days our phones are able to do so much more than back in 2007. I want to share with you my favourite apps that I use when I’m travelling to other countries which help to make my trip much easier and ensure that I am well prepared.

my favourite travel apps

Weather app
This is a must to have, I usually start checking the weather at my destination a few weeks before I travel just to keep track of any drastic changes and to make sure that I pack appropriate clothes.

Airline app
Most airlines these days have an app that you can use to check-in, change seats and even select a special meal if you so wish. I always recommend to people that you always check-in online for your flight, it just makes life so much easier and of course pre-selecting your seats is a no-brainer.

Currency converter
This is so helpful! It will assist in making decisions of whether or not to buy an item. I usually have the currency converter set on the currency of the country I’m going to, the ZAR and the USD.

Crowne Plaza Phuket

Google maps
So helpful especially if you’re walking around in the city, make sure you download the offline version for the city you’ll be in so that you can make use of the app even if your don’t have WiFi. Linked to the maps app is the public transportation app of the city you’re visiting so you can know which bus/train/tram routes to take.

Google Translate
This is a gem if you’re travelling to a place where English is not widely spoken. Again make sure that you download the offline version of the language of the country you’re going to. This app is so useful because it can even translate from a photo that you’ve taken, this helps a lot with menus. You can also speak directly to the app and have it translate what you’ve said on speaker for the other person to hear.

I used a VPN for the first time on my trip to Beijing. This was a lifesaver because in China most of the apps that I use on a daily basis are blocked (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) so I used a VPN so that I can use these apps during my stay there. I think China is the only country that blocks the social media sites, so you don’t really need a VPN when travelling anywhere else.


Extra tip
A few week befoe travelling to a new place I like to stalk the city tag photos (e.g. #Beijing) on Instagram and watch the stories of the people who are there, this gives me a real time feel of my destination.

Which apps are your favourite to use when travelling?


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  1. Mwaka

    Hey Lungi. I like to use and for good hotel prices. I also use XE Converter. Weather definitely! Google Trips, Maps and Translate! As well as TripAdvisor. And I have all my fav airlines apps on my phone for checking flights!! Emirates, SAA and Ethiopian. I also have Uber. I have serious wanderlust haha!

    1. Lungi

      you’re on the ball Mwaka! I think I should start adding accommodation apps as well.

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