Taking Stock 012

My last one of these Taking Stock posts was almost a year ago (March 2018), eek! I don’t even know if they are still relevant anymore but I loved doing them and I am bringing them back with a bang! 

Bullet journalling
After tweeting these in January 2019…

… guess who has placed an order for a bullet journal?? Me!! I am the Queen Experimenter and this is just one of the things I want to try out. My bullet journal will only arrive at the end of February and I’m already anxiously waiting for it. I actually used an off the shelf bullet journal in 2018, while I enjoyed it, there are a few major things that I didn’t like which led me to not buying it again. So here I am venturing into the world of doing my own thing.

Year of skin
I have declared that 2019 is the year of skin for me – I want to get smash my skin goals by the end of the year. What are my skin goals you ask? I want glowing, hydrated skin with minimal pigmentation. Linked to that, on the makeup side, I want to focus on my skin and for the main focus of my makeup to be a popping base. I’m well on my way on the skincare side, I just have to be diligent with my routine and be on the look out for products that will be beneficial for me.

Morning routine
Let me tell you a bit about my weekday morning routine: after I snooze my alarm a number of times, I jump out of bed and head into the shower and it’s go go go till I leave for work. On some mornings I try to do a gratitude prayer and set my intention for the day but most times I fall back asleep whilst doing this (shameful, I know). So I want to start a structured morning meditation / gratitude / intention setting routine even if it’s just 5 minutes to start with, my soul craves it. It’s funny that I had such a great morning routine 3-4 years ago, then I had a baby and all hell broke loose. But I understand that I can’t be using that as an excuse anymore!

Intermittent fasting / real food lifestyle
Towards the end of last year I was not happy with the way my body was looking, especially the stomach part and I decided that it was time I do something about it. I know that for me changing the way I eat has a drastic effect on my body vs exercising, while being active does help, I have to back it up with a good diet. So I decided to go back to the real food lifestyle because I’d had a lot of success with it previously and also try out intermittent fasting. I started at the beginning of December 2018, took a break over the holidays, and commenced again when I went back to work. The results have been positive – my pants definitely fit much more comfortable now than last year. As for intermittent fasting, I found that it gets better with time and I can say I’m 80% used to it now. The food I eat is still my stumbling block, I still eat more processed food than I should be eating so I’m trying to consciously work on that.


This is what is currently happening in my life, amongst a million other things! I hope to continue this Taking Stock Series in 2019 just to give you a glimpse of what I’m up to.

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