my 5 fave summertime products

With summer wrapping up – the temperatures in Durban have been dropping the past few days, boooo! I wanted to share my favourite summertime products that I really loved over the this past season. These items vary across all aspects of my life and aren’t just limited to beauty / makeup.

Iced Coffee
I have not been a fan of coffee flavoured cold beverages until recently and now I’m in love! It’s the perfect way to get my caffeine fix on a hot day. My Dolce Gusto coffee machine which I bought last year (which also happened to be one of my favourite products of 2019) is what I use to make my iced coffee each morning. I thought about buying flavoured syrups to add extra flavour but most of them are sooo full of sugar! 🙁

I declared 2019 the year of braids in terms of my hairstyles (2018 was the year of wigs, in case you were wondering). So having braids during the first 3 months of the year was a lifesaver! I had them tied up into a top knot 98% of the time so I didn’t have any pesky hair hanging around my neck.

*PS The person who does my braids is amazing, she does house calls, she’s affordable, punctual and communicates so well. Definitely check her out if you’re Durban based. Her name is Za. #notsponsored

Colourpop UltraGloss – Fudg’d
I was wearing a lot of lip gloss in the summer and this one was a definite fave. I liked that it provided some colour to my lips so I could pop on a lip liner and this gloss and be on my way. It worked whether I was wearing a full face of makeup or I was going bare faced.

Sweet Peas Handmade shoes (Rose Gold Cleo)
I am in love with this Durban brand! I love everything in their catalogue! These shoes were the first item I bought from them and I’ve since bought another pair of shoes and some shorts. I love their shoes because they’re made from genuine leather (they’ll last forever if I take good care of them) and they’re so comfortable.

Sweetpeas handmade Rose Gold Cleo

*PPS. If you’re in Durban, SweetPeas Handmade is sometimes at I Heart Market and some of the shoes they stock there are sold at half price! Score!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
I received the travel size version of this from Dineo nearly 2 years ago and it’s just been gathering dust. I decided to start using it at the beginning of the year and I was soooo in love! It recently finished and I was in disbelief! I’m definitely planning on getting a full size version and I’ll be doing a full review of it on this month.

What were some of your fave items this summertime?

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  1. Nomali

    You were a key ambassador for sweetpea shoes this summer! I started recognising them on other people’s posts on the gram from your impact alone. The soles are too flat for me, however.Also, what’s it like being in braids and wigs as someone who’s previously been about the “upkeep” of your natural hair and *working* to keep it looking great and learning styles you could do and putting in the time then doing things this way this time around? I know the opposite (i did hella braids, then tried to do more self-styling) was a long ting for me.

    1. Lungi

      sweet peas need to put me on their PR list if they even have one.

      I stopped doing the natural hair upkeep after being a mom, it just took time that I didn’t have and I also realised I was doing tew much. I’m loving my new stance

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