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As a beauty blogger / enthusiast I have bought a lot of makeup over the years and I’ve recently been asking myself the question if I want / need anymore. The makeup world is moving at a fast pace now with so many products launching on a very regular basis and it being so shiny and new and I somehow convince myself that I need it. But do I really?

Late last year I cleaned up my makeup collection and threw out a lot of items that I didn’t need anymore and added others to my makeup kit (after I sterilised them of course). Even after that whole exercise, my personal makeup kit was full to the brim! And that made me feel very otherwise, it seemed like I was buying makeup for the sake of buying it and I was never going to get around to using all that I owned.

So already at the beginning of the year I vowed to myself that I won’t buy anymore makeup – I took a break from that during my Australia trip (as one should!). Now that’s over, for the rest of the year I’m not planning to purchase anymore makeup, just replacements of products that run out e.g. mascara and brow products. I want to prove to myself that what I have is enough and I can make it work. I want to make the pledge here so that I have more chance of keeping to it.

As a beauty blogger I am of course worried about losing a whole genre of content that I can write about – I love me a makeup haul post! However, I have decided that this will be a challenge to me to create makeup content using my current products.

This post is not meant to be judgey towards anyone and I hope it doesn’t come across like that, I’m just sharing what’s in my mind.

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  1. Lebo

    It so happens that you see a product after some time and say heeeey. I’m also planning to give some products that I haven’t used in a while away. Because they are just sitting there. All the best friendo. Next time don’t throw away. Keep a Lebo recycle box out

    1. Lungi

      I’ll definitely start filling up that box

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