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Confession: I used to think that people who had small suitcases as hand luggage were doing too much,  until I became that person! When travelling overseas I used to carry a back pack filled with all my in-flight essentials but now I carry a suitcase and it’s been the best decision I made.

If know me you know that comfort is key in everything in my life, so even when flying I like ensuring that I have everything that I might need. These are essentials that I always carry when I travel for work (these are the trips I take more frequently). Here’s what is in my carry on luggage when I’m flying out of South Africa:

carry on luggage essentials

Laptop I only carry my laptop when going on work trips.

Headphones I fell in love with bluetooth headphones, they’re a game changer.

Book and magazine I like carrying a variety of reading materials just so I’m able to change things up.

Skincare I always have a bag for skincare because I really love taking care of my skin and nourishing it while I’m flying.

Socks and scarf I hate being cold so I always carry an extra pair of very warm socks and a scarf. The socks that are given in the vanity kit that we get during the flight are never sufficient for me.

Journal and pencil case I carry my writing materials again as another way of being able to change things up. And now that I’ve started bullet journalling – I plan to do that while I’m flying.

Documents wallet This wallet has all my important documents for my trip like copies of my accommodation details and visa letter. I love having these as a hard copy in case I run into any questions at passport control.

The grey sling bag is what I carry at the airport just for my essentials, I pack my normal (read: big) handbag in my suitcase to carry at my destination. Here’s what is in there:

20190501_Carry on luggage essentialsSmall wallet, toiletries,passport, phone (not pictured) 

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  1. sheerdee

    There is no other way to do it for long flights!

  2. Nomali

    I love posts like this, as undabezitha lol! Does this bag differ for short-haul trips? How have you found the book?

    1. Lungi

      Usually for short trips (domestic) I carry my handbag and it’s sufficient. The book wasn’t my favourite style of writing – I powered through it though.

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