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This is the winter 2019 edition of my life update series, it’s funny because I’m writing this while I’m in Cote D’Ivoire where it is full on summer and it’s warm and humid but I know that South Africa is in the grip of a chilly couple of days. This is what I’ve been up to in my life lately.

Weekly vlogging
Over the course of last year I really got bored with my YouTube channel, I wasn’t keen on the traditional sit-down/tutorial-esque videos so I stopped posting content altogether. I then did some soul searching and realised that I actually love doing vlogs – I love the carefree format that they have and I actually love editing them. So I’ve started a weekly vlog series where I film content vlog style. It’s been going so well so far and I’m having fun with my YouTube channel again. New vlogs are available on Thursdays at 20:00 CAT. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already it really goes a long way to supporting me and my content. Merci!

Acne woes
My skin has been breaking out again and it’s been so disheartening! If you’ve had acne problems before you know how it is when you think that everything is under control but then you get a flare up! Fortunately, the break outs have subsided a bit (my GP gave me some medication) but I’ve got so many new hyperpigmentation spots that the acne left behind, sigh! I’m tackling them head on using the methods and products that I listed in this post.

Getting fit
I want to get fit again. The last time I was fit was just before I fell pregnant, I was in my best shape! My favourite exercise is running outside (gyms are such a bore for me) – it’s such a mental and physical challenge for me that it feels so good when I conquer it. I want to get back into it again. I’ve been around my neighbourhood checking for perfect running places and I’ve found one. I’m planning to scout it out more in terms of safety and suitability for me once I’m back from my travels. What’s your favourite form of exercise?

Black mom and toddler daughter

Mpilo update
I always look at my daughter and still can’t believe that she’s here and she’s my daughter, it’s crazy to me that I feel like that after 27 months. She’s grown so much into her own person now and it’ so amazing to see. She literally runs our household and we’re all at her mercy. I’ve realised that I need to be careful about the words I say around her because she’s like a sponge. When I’m annoyed at a driver on the road my usual reaction is to shout: “Come on! F**K!” The other day in   the car Mpilo recited in word for word and with the same anger that I say it in. That was my cue to stop swearing.

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  1. Sheilla Sibanda

    Sorry to hear about the acne problem hopefully it will come out right ♥️♥️And they listen attentively these kids hey, she is all grown beautiful smile ❤️

    1. Lungi

      I really learnt my lesson with her, I’ll never speak bad words around her now

  2. Simpz

    Ha ha ha lalela you don’t say anything in front of kids you don’t want them to ever repeat….So sorry about the acne but I know you’ll deal with it soon soon….

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