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Spending time on a long haul flight is not one of my favourite things to do so I always try make it as painless as possible by ensuring that the clothes I wear ensure maximum comfort. I cannot think of anything worse than wearing uncomfortable clothing when you are pretty much put in a confined space for over 8 hours… my idea of hell. Disclaimer: I don’t aim to be cute when I’m flying long haul, comfort is key and that’s that on that. *I know that comfort and cuteness are not mutually exclusive, all I’m saying is my main focus when choosing clothing for a long haul flight is comfort. I

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When thinking about your long haul flight outfit it’s also important to also think about the time you’ll spend commuting to and from the airport from home and to your final destination. To ensure that this is covered, I make sure that the clothes I wear are layerable so I can put on / add items as the temperature changes.

long haul flight essentials

Leggings / track pants Comfortable pants are the cornerstone of my long haul flight outfit. You’ll never catch me wearing jeans on a flight… ever! I prefer joggers or leggings.

T-shirt I love a loose t-shirt because it allows for ease of movement and also allows for layering when it gets cold.

Comfortable underwear This goes without saying, this is not a time to be wearing you lacy thong (unless that is comfortable for you, no judgement). I usually have on a very comfortable t-shirt bra and a coverall underwear.

Socks These are often overlooked but they can make a break your experience in my opinion, there is nothing in the world worse than your feet being cold. I usually wear normal socks with my sneakers while at the airport I only bust out the heavy duty ones once I’m on board.

Jacket I’m all for a lightweight, parka like jacket when I travel. I do sometime opt for a long cardigan. My criteria for my outwear is that it must have pockets.

Scarf I usually carry a scarf with me to either cover my face when I sleep and in some cases to use it as a nose and mouth cover when the air on the plane is too cold and breathing becomes a chore (I’m looking at you here SAA flight from Joburg to Dakar).

Shoes I’m always in sneakers when I fly long haul, often times I will take them off as soon as I board the plane and opt to wear my in-plane socks rather (watch the video below to see that transformation first hand on my latest trip to Abidjan)

I unfortunately haven’t any good in-flight outfit photos (bad blogger!) but you can have a look at my travel videos to see what I typically wear when I’m travelling.

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  1. Nomali

    When i watched your Abidjan flight video, i thought those were, like, compression socks lol. But i agree with you, i can’t imagine being uncomfortable for long hours.

    1. Lungi

      lol, nope. they’re just really warm sock that I got from a friend who lives in Canada.

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