how i handle being away from my toddler when I travel

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I always remark on how crazy it is that I only started travelling for work after I became a mom. When I was a dependent-free gal on the town work trips were mostly limited to national trips and then 7 months into motherhood I started travelling *all* the time. I love that I get to see new places so I never feel otherwise about that, however being a mom has shifted my mindset before and during my travels. In this post I will be sharing how I manage with being away from my daughter when I travel for work and for play.

If you’re new here, I am a first time mom to an amazing 2 year old, soon to be 2.5 in a couple of months.

From October 2017 till June 2019 I travelled to 10 different countries mostly in the African continent and mostly for work, my trips are on average 1 week in duration. That and and a few local trips here and there is a long time to be away from my little girl. Here is how I manage with being away from her.

A great support system
I can’t stress this enough, having a great support system is the number 1 key that unlocks blissful travel for me is knowing that Mpilo is with people that love and care for her as I do. We are super fortunate to have a loving nanny who is like a second mother to her and my mother who is able to step in as deputy mom while I’m away. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be at peace in faraways lands without knowing that my baby is in safe hands.

Technology, technology, technology
Thank the lordt we are living in the year 2019 where technology has made communication so much easier. When I’m away I am able to communicate regularly with her. When she was younger I used to only do voice calls because she used to get upset after each video call because she expected me to be there in person after the call. We are now thankfully over that hurdle and I can video call and check up on her pretty frequently.

Bringing items back to my travels for her
My daughter has items of clothing from *all* over the world. When I travel I’m drawn to buying clothes for her: print dresses from my travels to African countries and t-shirts and normal clothing items from other countries. Of course she only gets to wear these clothes for a limited amount of time but I really haven’t thought of anything better to buy for her that will get use. And we always have photos for the memories.

How do you handle being away from your loved ones?

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  1. Nomali

    What I love about this post is that you highlight the fact that parenting takes a village. Aw growing! It’s great that she no longer cries after video calls.

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