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It was a sad day when my GP put me on Accutane (even though I’m using the generic, Oratane, for uniformity sake I’ll use the more popular name: Accutane). In the last 4 months my face has been getting acne breakouts, I thought I could handle it using my tried and tested skincare routine but it just got worse and so I decided to throw in the towel and see my GP to get treatment.

I’ve been taking 40mg of Accutane daily for the past 3 weeks and true to it’s claims, the medication has helped my skin tremendously. As much as it works well, the medication has some hectic side effects. The one I’ve been plagued with is very dry skin.

Because Accutane makes your skin quite sensitive along with the extreme dryness this meant that I had to change up my skincare routine. This is what I’ve had to change:

  • Stop using acids – I’ve had to put away most of the acids and Vitamin C products that I’ve been using on my face
  • Use products that cater to sensitive skin
Accutane and Epiduo

The medication I’ve been prescribed is the Oratane pills, I take 40mg daily. I also use Epiduo ointment at night.

skin routine on accutane

Cleanser I had to put away my usual cleansers: Bioderma PigmentBio Cleanser and Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant contain acids and have a granular texture. I’m currently using Pure Glycerin Soap.

Hydration I’ve been focusing on hydration by using Neutrogena Essence Lotion, The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner and The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid. On most days I layer these products for maximum hydration.

Treatment I’ve only been using Epiduo on the affected areas

Moisturisation This is where I struggled the most because when I started taking the medication I realised that my current moisturisers were insufficient. As luck would have it Bioderma had sent me a PR package of their Atoderm range which is formulated for dry skin. My daughter was using it on her face because she was getting dry patches and so I decided to use it too. It’s been working so well for me and it really helps with my dry skin.

Protection Sunscreen is so important when you’re on this medication. I’ve been using my favourite sunscreen, Eucerin Sun-Gel Cream

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