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The Jackie Aina palette shook the beauty world, especially for black women and women of colour, by storm in the last couple of months. I’ve been on a no-buying makeup stance for 2019 but when I heard about this baby, I knew I had to get it.

The Jackie Aina palette

Where to buy it
I’ve never hunted down a product so much in my life! I initially asked a friend who was traveling overseas to buy it for me – that didn’t work because the palette wasn’t yet stock in Sephora Singapore when she was there. I then wanted to buy it from Cult Beauty to take advantage of the free shipping, however they took sooo long to stock the palette so I gave up on that. I eventually bought it from Muse Beauty – they had it in stock (I picked it up at their store in Morningside) and the price (R1100) was comparable to what I would’ve paid on Cult Beauty + custom fees.

The Jackie Aina palette

The palette
You have probably seen this palette a million times on social media and it won’t hurt to see it once more on here. The palette is dark skin friendly because Jackie herself is a dark skinned woman and she wanted create a palette where she could use every shade. There are 6 matte shades, 6 metallic shades and 2 sparkling shades. This is the first Anastasia Beverly Hills palette that I have bought, I knew their quality was top notch and Jackie’s palette did not disappoint me.

The lewks
Of course you are here for the looks that I have created with this palette. I don’t know why but everytime I open it I get drawn to the purple shades! I love that it totally works for dramatic looks and also for lowkey work looks which I usually rock.

The Jackie Aina palette looks
The Jackie Aina palette looks
The Jackie Aina palette looks

I’m ready to create so many looks with this palette – I am super excited! It feels to be excited by makeup, it’s been so long!

What do you think of The Jackie Aina palette?

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  1. Sam

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to get mine.

    1. Lungi

      You’re gonna love it! ❤️

  2. Vuyelwa

    I’m loving this palette! Unlike you, I find myself leaning more you the greens and browns (the natural basic b**ch in me won’t let up).Besides purely wanting to support Jackie, the palette is truly a must-have.That Shookington lewk looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Lungi

      lol at natural basic b**ch! I haven’t even touched Sponsored, Lituation and Trust Issues yet – the pinks and purples are drawing me in so much more.

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