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I’ve recently gotten back to exercising – I’m currently training for a 10km race that’s happening in several days. For my training I decided to do some of it in the gym even though I’m not a gym person. Seeing as I wear makeup to work on a daily basis, I need to completely remove my makeup at the gym before I start exercising. Hence I carry a number of products to use before I start my session, these are my essential toiletries for gym.

essentials toiletries for gym

Makeup wipes This is the first step in my transformation, I’m currently in love with the Johnson’s Daily Essentials Cleansing Wipes

Micellar water I use this to ensure that any makeup left by the wipes is removed completely. I have decanted micellar water into a travel-esque container. I absolutely cannot remember which brand it is; it’s either the Ponds Micellar Water or the Pigmentbio one from Bioderma.

*Moisturising spray I finish off with the Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray to add moisture to my skin after makeup removal. This spray is a lifesaver, it is super rich and it keeps my skin moisturised throughout my workout. I find the spray mechanism to be very strong for spraying directly on the face so I rather spray some onto my palm and apply to the face.

Other items I carry are:

  • Hand cream
  • *Lip balm
  • Wipes
  • Pocket tissues

One thing that I have noticed is missing is sunscreen for those day when I do my training outside. I shall be adding that into my toiletry bag ASAP.

What are/would be your essential toiletries for gym?


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  1. Lebo Kuty

    I also carry most of those. All the best on your race

  2. Nomali

    Interesting! This, of course, is to keep your skin reacting to makeup mixed with sweat right? I liked the look of the Pond’s micellar so much I almost wished I was a makeup person just so I could use it lol.You are going to ace your race!

    1. Lungi

      Yeah, I want my skin to be able to sweat freely sans makeup at the gym. Thanks for the encouragement!

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