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Not my typical Friday morning! This past Friday I spent some time at Finchley Farm to learn more about how they produce their eggs. It was such an informative and eye opening morning. We always tend to hear about the bad conditions that the animals that give us our sustinence live in, so it was great to visit a place where the hens are treated well.

Cage free barns for hens
Cage free barns for hens

We were taken through the process of how they purchase quality day old chicks and rear them on the floor in their own barns. After 17 weeks the chicks, now called hens, are moved into the laying house where they spend the next 63 weeks roaming freely with their mates and laying eggs in hygienic next boxes of their choice.

Laying barns

The hens live on a custom diet that is free of animal byproducts, hormones and routine antibiotics. They also drink fresh river water from the Umngeni River. This is a life that I would also sign up for!

Eggs graded by weight
eggs packaging

Our last visit was to the inspection and packaging area where we got to see the eggs being separated by weight and being packaged into cartons ready for distribution.

Finchley Farms Barn Eggs are a popular choice for many restaurants in the Durban area such as: The Oyster Box, Old Town Italy, Mugg & Bean, Fego and Spur just to name a few.

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