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This time last week I was in the middle of my solocation in Mombasa, Kenya – such a lovely time it was! When the work trip was confirmed in October, I immediately thought I wanted to make use of this opportunity and spend a few extra days in the city as a birthday gift to myself (one of many!). I spent 2.5 days in the sun enjoying this fabulous destination on the east coast of Kenya.

Warning: This is going to be photo heavy

Kitchen bistro Mombasa
tropical fruits in Kenya

Some of the food I ate, unfortunately I didn’t take more photos. The fruits were out of this world delicious! And sticking to my smuggler tendencies, I brought back 4 mangoes from Mombasa to enjoy at home πŸ™‚

Bahari Beach Hotel
Bahari Beach Hotel
Bahari Beach Hotel
Bahari Beach Hotel
Bahari Beach Hotel

I stayed at Bahari Beach Hotel. The hotel was sufficient for my needs and it had awesome amenities. The hotel grounds were vast and there were so many hidden spots that I could explore. I didn’t feel like I was crowded with the other guests. One thing I learnt about Kenya while there is that there is a country-wide ban on single use plastic bags so all shops give/sell you reusable bags! I stan an environmentally conscious country!

Fort Jesus Mombasa
Fort Jesus Mombasa
Fort Jesus Mombasa
Fort Jesus Mombasa

I took a half day tour of the city and my first stop was Fort Jesus where I got to learn a lot of history about the city and the Portuguese and Arabs that were occupying the fort.

Mombasa waterfront
Elephant tusks in Mombasa
Transport in Mombasa

We drove around the city where I got to see the hustle and bustle. I visited the elephant tusks landmark which represent Mombasa and were first set up to honour the Queen of England’s visit to the city.

octopus for sale in Mombasa

Came across a guy selling fresh octopus on the side of the street. It was so fascinating for me, I asked the driver to turn around so I could get a photo. The guy made us pay KES 50 (R7) for the photo, lol! I’m not mad at that – gots to secure the bag in any way possible.

Solocation in Mombasa

I really enjoyed this face, in fact this whole entire look! The heat and humidity were on a high that day but my makeup stayed put!

pool day in Mombasa

On my last full day of my solocation in Mombasa I spent the whole day at the pool just reading and having some adult beverages!

This was my second solocation, my first one was to Rome in Italy in 2018 (I was living in Switzerland at the time), and coincidentally it was also a birthday trip, you can read all about it here.

I also vlogged the trip and you can view that below. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already, it helps to support my content. Ngiyabonga!

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  1. Nomali

    Image-heavy is the best kind of travel diary. Hhayi shem you seem to have had the best time. Post suggestion: How you get pictures when travelling solo.PS: When I saw your mango tweet, I didn’t realise they were imports! IS there any taste difference?

  2. Lungi

    thank you for the post suggestion! I’m on it for 2020. I didn’t notice a difference in the mango taste, it was just as delicious as the SA ones but I’m sure the Kenyans will beg to differ πŸ˜‰

  3. Lebo

    All the pics looks so yummy!! I am glad you enjoyed your Solocation!!!

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