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January has finally ended! yippeee! It is now all downhill till the end of the year. This year for me has started off at 200 km/h on the work front and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at least till the end of February, god willing. Here are the other things that have been happening in my life lately.

Accutane treatment coming to an end
At the time of writing this sentence I have 10 more Accutane pills left to take and it will be the end of my treatment! HALLELUJAH! It has been a long 6 months but it’s been worth it because my skin is back to where it was a year ago. Here’s to hoping this is the last time I ever have to be on this treatment.

Fun in the inflatable pool
I bought an inflatable pool in Autumn 2019 and because we were moving into winter we never got a chance to use it until recently. We finally brought it out over the December holidays and we have been having so much fun with it! My daughter loves it so much and it keeps her cool and entertained on those hot summer weekends. I do recognise the huge water consumer that this pool is, so we try not to fill it up all the way to the top. It’s definitely been my favourite thing about this summer time.

Instagram break
I went on a blog break in December and stopped doing everything blog related for that month. I thought I’d use that time to be more active on Instangram i.e. post more photos but I didn’t manage that. When I came back from my break I just felt stuck when it came to Instagram, I didn’t know what to post and I felt uninspired. So I have decided to take a 5 week long break from the platform just so I can reset again (I’ve already been off it for a week so far). I will be posting on some days when I have events and such but for now the app has been deleted off my phone.

Mpilo update
On my Favourite Things of 2019 post, fellow blogger and Lifetime President of the Mpilo Fan Club, Nomali asked me to add Mpilo’s fave items on my next post. So to sort of start that off, I will be adding Mpilo updates to these posts as well.

(If you’re new here, Mpilo is my nearly 3 years old daughter who is the absolute light of my life!). She features heavily on my vlogs as well.

Potty trained
As from January 2020, Mpilo has been daytime potty trained i.e. during the day she uses the toilet when she needs to go, at nighttime she still wears a nappy even though sometimes she wakes up with it dry. This has been such a relief to our pockets, hello not buying as many nappies anymore but on the other hand going out of the house with her is a meticulously timed effort and having to ensure that all the places we go to have accessible bathrooms.

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  1. Nomali

    Yay! on the end of the accutane treatment. Instagram is really tiring bo! My approach, however, is likely going to be more documentarian and not so much “asthetic” not that I had much of that going on lolAnd we welcome the Mpilo updates <3

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