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It’s no secret on here that I am an advocate for sun protection all day, every day. One of the rules of sun protection is that you need to reapply it every few hours especially if you’re out in the sun. That has been one of my bug bears because I wear makeup during the day and I wasn’t able to reapply. Enter: spray-on sunscreen for the face! The Vichy UV Protect Skin Defence Invisible Mist is the answer to ALL my sunscreen re-application issues.

My work has me working outside a few times of the week, I always protect my face by wearing a hat but I’ve always felt like I need extra protection in the form of a spray on sunscreen because my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation and one of the main ways to fade it away is to wear sun protection. So this product is right up my alley.

What is it
A spray on invisible mist sunscreen for daily use. It has anti-pollution properties and is an antioxidant. It offers SPF50 and PA++++ protection ( Extremely High UVA protection).

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Vichy UV Protect Skin Defence Invisible Mist

What they say
UV Protect Daily Care Invisible Mist is the first mist which protects from UV rays all days all year, and prevents the appearance of dark spots. Its formula contents Baicalin extract, enriched in antioxiodants that skin needs for defending itself.


How to use it
Close your eyes and pinch your lips together during application. Spray generously and evenly on the whole face in a horizontal movement, at a minimum of 15cm distance. Re-apply to maintain protection, especially in case of excessive moisture to maintain protection.

My thoughts
My first thoughts when using this product was that the mist is really fine! Like so fine it almost feels like I wasn’t not putting anything on your face. I had thought that it was going to apply like a makeup setting spray. I’ve found that as I am using it more, I am feeling droplets of moisture when I apply. After application there was no stickiness or white cast on the face, I honestly didn’t feel like I had put anything on.

The sunscreen does have a fragrance which I’m not a fan of, it’s not a bad smell but it can get a bit too much because you’re spraying the product on your face & you get to be in a cloud of it for several seconds.

I do love knowing that I am refreshing my sun protection ever so often and it makes me feel confident when I go out into the sun.

Price and availability
Vichy UV Protect SPF50 Skin Defence Invisible Mist is available at Clicks and Dischem – 75ml for R245.

*Prices correct as of February 2020

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