lockdown challenges that i’ve done so far

Love them or hate them, lockdown challenges are here to stay for as long as us non-essential workers are sitting at home not doing much. I’m as lazy as the next person and I’ve looked at some of them like: I have not the energy to tackle you right now, or ever. I have though mustered the energy to do 2 of these challenges: the #dontrushchallenge and I’ve made the dalgona coffee.

I wasn’t going to do the #dontrushchallenge because I didn’t bring any cute clothes to my lockdown location but a colleague really gave me the nudge and I’m glad she did. Here is my portion of the video.

And for the dalgona coffee, I went all in and filmed it for my YouTube channel, you can watch it below and please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet.

Which lockdown challenges have you tried / have been your favourite?

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  1. Oreleona

    you look cute! love the blonde hair!! I love watching the don’t rush challenges on IG omg the ones with the little girls were soooooo cuttee

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