how to switch up your body care in winter

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The cold season is upon us! Living in Durban, one might argue that we don’t really have winter, however, temperatures and humidity have dropped and my skin is feeling the change in the environment. The goal is for my skin to feel and be moisturised in between showers, I despise being ashy! This post will include my daughter’s winter body care as well. I have normal skin and the skin on her face gets dry patches in winter

Adding oil to the bath water
This is for my daughter because she takes baths. In order to ensure that her skin doesn’t dry out and stays nourished even during bath time, we add baby oil to her bath water. Any oil will work here, we’re using baby oil because we had it in the house.

Changing to thicker body creams
In the winter months I switch up from using lotions to using thicker body creams, my current favourite is the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Cream and my daughter is using a generic aqueous cream. Last winter, she was using the Bioderm Atoderm Intensive Baume Cream which was ah-mazing on her skin, I had received the entire range in PR. I wanted to purchase it but whoa! it is not the most affordable product, so we’re trying other methods right now.

Adding oil to body creams
This has been a game changer over the years. In times when I feel like the body creams are not giving my skin what it needs, I add extra oils into them. My favourite oil to add is jojoba oil, in the past I’ve also used Vitamin E oil and castor oil. Currently I’ve added jojoba oil into my daughter’s aqueous cream.

In-shower body moisturisers and oils
If you are a shower girl like myself, consider adding in-shower body moisturisers or oils to your shower routine. These are wonderful! It’s a pity that they didn’t do very well in SA and most brands have stopped stocking them.

What is your winter body care routine?

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  1. Simpz

    My son and I both suffer from dry skin and patches of eczema here and there, he’ll be sticking to his Epizone and I think I’ll be joining him this winter I’m done trying to find something else. Oooh I think I’ll actually consider adding oils into our bath water

    1. Lungi

      Try it sis and let me know how it works for you

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