lockdown level 3 and things returning to “normal”

Every stage of this lockdown has had me in a different life situations. Level 5 has me living at my mom’s house & hardly leaving the house. Level 4 had me back in Durban and working from home. Lockdown level 3 has me back at work full time and things returning to “normal”.

The one comforting thing about being back at work now as opposed to earlier is that I am more knowledgeable about protecting myself from the virus and that my workplace has also upped their health and safety procedures to protect us. Don’t get me wrong, given the option, I’d rather be working from home but ke, i-job i-job.

Work outfit engineer
Top: Thrifted KwaDunusa, Pants: The Hub, Shoes: Foschini

What I will miss about working from home

  • Wearing comfy clothes all day every day
  • The kitchen and fresh food at my disposal – the ability to make a fresh meal for lunch was amazing
  • Seeing Mpilo whenever I want
  • Listening to podcasts on my speaker while I work
  • Not having to drive to work – I saved on time, petrol and the general angst of being on the road
  • Never having to get ready – it took me 30 minutes from the time I woke up to the time I was at my desk
  • Lunchtime walks in the neighbourhood
  • Feeling the sun while I work

If you’re keen to see what my work from home day looked like, you can click to watch the video below

What I’m enjoying about being at back at work

  • Seeing my colleagues
  • And that’s about it!
A collection of snaps from my phone that sums up my working from home experience

From a personal front, level 3 means that I’m still avoiding being out in the world, only going out for essential items. And finally the Checkers Sixty60 delivery service is in my area so I can get weekly groceries delivered.
Also, yes to being able to replenish my alcohol stash, I was lucky enough not to run out during lockdown but towards the end I was rationing! LOL!

Let me know how your life has changed or not during lockdown level 3

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  1. Kgomotso

    Kwadunusa killed me! I heard it first when a lady on TV mentioned it and I didn’t know that it meant thrift.Nice outfit lungi. Being able to mix and match is a skill

    1. Lungi

      the name explains exactly what we’re doing when we shop there.

      Thank you for the compliment, you made my day

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