autumn 2020 favourites

It’s about time for another favourites post. In this time of the pandemic and life being generally upside down, looking for and noting things that have brought me joy, keeps me afloat. Some are practical and some are frivolous items but either way they have brought me the same amount of joy over the last 3 months. You can check my past ones, here, here and here.

Leopard print scrunchie When I have my hair out & stretched, I love putting it up in a high pony. My favourite accessory has been a velvety leopard print scrunchie that I bought a Pep. It’s cute and it’s fun & I love it! I’ve been rocking it in my latest YouTube videos.

Sixty60 app I waited so long for my area to finally be part of Checkers Sixty60 app delivery area. It was an awesome day when we finally made it! Checkers is my grocery shop of choice for most of my household goods. I love the convenience of having my weekly groceries delivered at home within 1 hour of placing my order. The one thing that is a minus for me is that some of the products offered on my app are not my preffered brand, not all products in store are available on the app.

Hand-held blender This is my second favourite kitchen appliance, I’ve already written about my all-time favourite one. I’ve been using it a lot lately to make my own tomato puree and caster sugar when my meals and baking call for them. I’ve also used it to thicken up cream to put on scones. I’m using the hand hand blender in space of a Nutribullet-esque type of appliance because the one I had bought stopped working.

Insecure S04E08 Feelings for the characters and the story aside, as a stand-alone episode this was my favourite episode of any TV show of all time. The chemistry between Issa and Lawrence, the banter, the flirting was the perfect romantism that my heart needed.

Mpilo’s favourites
In my last favourites post, Nomali suggested that I mention Mpilo’s (my 3 year old daughter) favourites as well to these posts, so here is the first instalment.

Moana (film and soundtrack) I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard the Moana soundtrack, Mpilo sings it all day everyday! I’m glad that her first favourite Disney princess is brown and super brave Moana. When I come back from work she puts on my wig and runs around the house singing the theme song, lol!

Gogo’s butter biscuits When we were under lockdown at my mom’s house she would bake these biscuits that Mpilo absoultely loved! They’re super simple to make and oh so yummy! As soon as they’re out of the oven baby girl is all over them. I got the recipe from my mom and we’ve been making them together.

What are some of the things that are currently bringing you joy?

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  1. Nomali

    Looking gawjus! The checker’s delivery is available in the north only this side and mina i’m way, way in the south.Mpilo loves baked goods? See this is why she’s my fav!

    1. Lungi

      Hopefully the checkers delivery expands to your area, it’s so convenient
      It’s always: “Mama, cela khekhe” from your fave

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