i’ll be making lemonade from lemons in about 2 years

I’m always that person with a project going on in the background, my life feels empty without it. My latest one is growing lemons from seeds. This is a long haul project, research tells me that it takes a minimum of 2 years to get lemons growing on a tree… if everything goes well. Can you imagine in 2022 (if we’re still around by then) when I pick my own lemons to squeeze in my morning tea or adding it in one of my adult beverages?? Heaven! I’ll be living my best Oprah “harvest day” life.

Why am I doing this? Well, I love all things gardening, growing my own lemons seems like a fun project and can you imagine the joy I will feel when I finally get that 1 lemon?? Can’t wait!

lemon seeds germinating


This is also a learning on the go project (my favourites!). I’ve been researching a lot on Pinterest, YouTube and gardening webistes. The one thing I might have gotten wrong for now is that I didn’t particularly pick the type of lemon that I got my seeds from, I don’t even know the variety, so I don’t really know what I will get. My research tells me that the best lemon to grow is the Meyer lemon.

I currently have 10 lemon seedlings that I’m growing, I obvs won’t be growing 10 lemon trees, I plan to give them away when they’ve grown a bit more. So if you’re keen on a lemon tree in a few months time, hit me up.

lemon seeds germinating

If you’re keen to keep up with my growing lemons from seeds project, I will be updating the journey on this Twitter thread.

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  1. Nomali

    It’s the title deed flex for me. I love it for you!

  2. Simpz

    I would definitely love a lemon tree πŸ™‚

    1. Lungi

      I’ll give you a seedling next time we meet Sis

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