my 5 favourite items in winter 2020

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We’re well into Spring 2020 – not that the weather in Durban has gotten the memo! And as is a tradition on this blog, I reflect on the items that brought me joy in the past season. You can read my favourites from past seasons by clicking here.

This time around I have decided to film my winter favourites as well as create this blog post.

Please watch so you can get more information as to why I loved these products so much.

My 5 favourite items in winter 2020
  1. Boot slippers
  2. NYX Born to Glow Foundation
  3. Queens Public Library Subscription
  4. Anne with an E
  5. Iced coffee
Mpilo’s favourite items in winter 2020

In my last favourites post I incorporated some of my daughter’s favourite things as well. Here are some of the things she loved:

Strawberries This has been her favourite fruit of late, I make sure that we always have some in the fridge. Even though sometimes she eats it like a bread winner!

Making coffee with/for me I am a coffee drinker and I make a cup daily using my Dolce Gusto machine. Mpilo loves the “help” me to make my coffee, she takes it so seriously that I wouldn’t dare make it without her – I’d be in so much trouble! I’m counting down the days till she’s old enough to bring me a cup of coffee in bed.

Home This is the alien movie starring Rihanna, it has been Mpilo’s favourite movie throughout the season and it’s still going! She watches it at least once a day and knows most of the words. It’s actually such a good movie, even I enjoy it.

What have been your favourite items in winter 2020?

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  1. Nomali

    My fav has graduated to berries… it’s the sophisticated palette for me . Tea-making age is going to be fun

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