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Skoon cosmetics launched their Skin Smoothies in October to much social media fan fare as a number of content creators received a PR package with the new products. I was quite intrigued about the launch after the brand had been leaving hints for a few days on their social media. In this post I will be sharing all about the Skoon Beauty Smoothies, my take on the products & initial impressions.

What is it
The SK!NSIDE OUT All-In-One Beauty Smoothie includes high quality Type 1 Marine Collagen and 2+ billion probiotics, as just two of 50+ key ingredients. There are 3 variants of this product; for elasticity, breakouts and sensitivity.

What they say
“Next generation skincare goes much deeper than just the products you apply topically. Feeding your skin more holistically – from within – is a mega trend. By using a combination of SKOON. topical skincare, designed especially for your skin type, along with a drinkable daily sachet or two of our SK!NSIDE OUT All-In-One Beauty Smoothie – uniquely formulated for your skin – you’ll be giving your skin everything it needs to stay in peak condition. This means that most of us who are taking a lot of regular supplements like vitamins and probiotics, can now get everything we need to keep our skin-gut axis in balance, making good gut and skin health much simpler and easy to manage.”

How to use it
This collagen powder can be taken in so many ways; in juice, yoghurt, smoothie, water and you can even make it into a popsicle.

My thoughts
Being a person who is in the thick of the skincare corner of the internet I have seen collagen powders get more and more prominent in the last few years. I’ve never been intrigued to try it out before because of the mixed results that are reported by people that I know that have tried it.

I was sent the Elasticity Beauty Smoothie: Raspberry Mango Bounce Back 30 day supply pack. I’ve drank the collagen powder with water, Liqui-Fruit orange juice and Liqui-Fruit Berry Blaze. In all cases, the flavour of the powder overtook the base beverage and I found that it left an after taste. I did find the flavour of the powder to be artificial. I think maybe using it in a smoothie will yield better results and taste.

I haven’t used this product long enough and I don’t use it consistently to be able to say that it has made a difference to my skin. However I do tend to lean towards the thinking that I don’t forsee ingesting collagen vastly improving my skin issues.

Cost and availability
Skoon products are available at various stockists throughout the country and online. The beauty smoothies cost R549.94 for 10 sachets and R1295.95 for a 30 sachets.

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