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Throughout the year I note and write down my favourite things monthly in my bullet journal, some of these items make it to my seasonal favourite blogposts/YouTube videos. The items/experiences that really shone throughout the year make it to my favourite items of the year. I’ve written these posts for 2018 and 2019 and this here is my favourite things in 2020.

Queens Public Library e-Card
I really wanted 2020 to be the year of reading for me. It didn’t go so well in the first half of the year when I only managed to finish 5 books between January and July. All that changed when I signed up for a library card with the Queens Public Library and I received access to the Libby App with wide array of e-books and audio books to choose from. This definitely made a vast difference in my reading and was a bright spark in my year. I speak more about the the library card in this video.

Ivy Park Belt Bag
Not sure if I love this because its a belt bag or if its because it’s Ivy Park but bottom line is that its been super useful since I bought it. I usually wear it during weekends, I really love the hands free nature of the bag while also being big enough to carry all the things I need with me. I also wear the one part as a cross body bag and that also works quite well.

Ivy Park Drip 2.0 Belt Bag
Not a weekend has gone by without me rocking my Ivy Park Belt Bag (when we were still free)

Baking with my daughter
My daughter is at the age where she can “help” in the kitchen and boy does she love it. I involved her as much as I can when I cooked or baked in 2020. She took to stirring anything (batter, eggs) and sifting flour. We had lovely moments in the kitchen together and I even don’t mind the mess that much! Towards the end of the year I asked my mom to sew an apron for her so she is a realy sous-chef now.

Chipotle Burrito Bowl from Cafe Javas in Kampala
This was one of my favourite things in February 2020 when I travelled to Kampala. See, usually when I travel my diet goes to the dogs, it’s almost like I’ve never even heard of vegetables before and I sustain myself on junk food. So when on this trip I managed to find and enjoy a yummy balanced, nutritious meal – I was elated. The burrito bowl was full of goodness! I think I even had it twice in the week that I was in Kampala.

Burrito bowl from Cafè Java’s in Kampala

Let me know 1 item that brought you joy in 2020?

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  1. Lebo

    Happy New Year Lungi, looking forward to journey with you in 2021!!! Love your work!

  2. Nomali

    Ikhulile ifav yethu, already baking. The Ivy Park and library card sound like they’ve made your life worlds better.

    1. Lungi

      Yes, such highlights in my life. Thank you for reading Nomali 🙂

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