what I’ve been eating: breakfast, lunch & snacks edition

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One thing I’ve been enjoying since the beginning of 2021 is making my lunch on my WFH days, it’s so much fun to whip up a fresh meal using what I have/feel like eating as opposed to making a lunchbox/carrying leftovers to the office. I wanted to share some of my meals, some are what I had for breakfast because it’s been great to switch that up as well. This post is mostly as a “recipe” keeper for myself for days when I feel uninspired but I hope that you also enjoy it.

This is definitely not an everday situation!

I love scrambled eggs for breakfast, add a sausage and I’m *all* in!

I used to side eye people who added a lot of things to their oats and now I’ve become that person. My favourite combo currently is: honey, milk,collagen powder, almond & macadamia butter and flax/chai seeds.

And then the other day I made a smoothie bowl, it was yummy but not filling at all. The smoothie was a medley of frozen fruit (banana, pineapple, mango, strawberry) & acai powder and I topped it with my homemade granola and chia seeds.

Hot and humid Durban days definitely call for lunch bowls, as you can see I’ve really enjoyed eating tuna 🙂 Tomatoes and cucumber have become staples in the fridge.

And some days I’ll put tuna and cucumber on a toasted sandwich thin.

Corn cakes are my go-to snack food! On this day I spread some but butter and topped with banana and flax seeds.

Another quick snack was toasted herb ciabatta with melted-ish cheese.

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  1. Lydz

    Looks good! The only topping’s I like on my oats are nuts or dried fruits oh and dessicated coconut.

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