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I for one am kind of glad that we’re nearing the end of summer 20/21, the heat has been unbearable and I *still* don’t have an aircon in my house! In any case, there have been some pockets of joy during this period and in this post I will be sharing my 5 favourite items in summer 2021.

Hear me out, like everyone else, I don’t like giving money to the government. But etags if you are a person who doesn’t live in Gauteng are amazing! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying mine and here’s why: not having to negotiate my credit card/cash/ tellers at a toll gate, yes! Using the Shesha lane at toll gates which never has a queue, double yes! Being able to pay for parking at some malls using my etag and not needing to take a ticket and having cash to pay, triple yes! I love it. (SANRAL please run me my cheque for this advertising)

Strength exercises
Late in 2020 I changed my exercise regimen to include more strength exercises (using dumb bells, resistance bands etc.) as opposed to cardio and I have amped it up in 2021. In February, I did a challenge of 28 days of strength, where I did a Chloe Ting exercise video per day. I was amazed at how stronger and fitter I felt, being able to see that progression was great. I am carrying on with more strength exercises in my regimen.

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules
I have been loving these capsules, I bought the smaller size because I wanted to try it out first before taking a dive and adding it into my routine. I love the packaging – one capsules for each use?? yes, please! My skin feels smooth and plump the morning after I use this product. I am planning on taking the plunge and buying the full size version.

Snake skin sliders

Snake skin sliders
The only item I bought for myself at the most recent Woolies sale, can you imagine! Everything else that I bought was for my daughter – how things have changed. These sliders are super comfortable, stylish and my feet look so good in them – I wear them pretty much each weekend, they go with all my outfits. I wish I had bought other colours.

Food, food and more food
I recently wrote about some of the food I’ve been making for myself in the first 3 months of the year. This has been one of the joys of this past season.

So there it is my 5 favourite items in summer 2021… let me know what some of yours have been.

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  1. Nomali

    Finally, someone I trust talking about the capsules lol. I wonder though about the environmental implications of the single-use capsule but ke, we move.

    The shoes (and nails!) look so cute. Sanral must definitely using this to advertise in provinces that aren’t Gauteng lol.

    1. Lungi

      Eish – didn’t quite think about the environmental effects ‍♀️
      Sanral needs to make me their brand ambassador and run me my cheque

  2. Phoebe

    Hello I m in south African I want to sell skin care products.

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