I’ve added the Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer as one of my essential haircare tools

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The days of me being a strict natural hair person are long gone! Pretty much all the hair care rules that I used to abide by back in the day have been thrown out the window. These days my haircare is extremely simple and is set up to fit my lifestyle and not the other way around. Hence why buying the Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer was a no-brainer for me.

I saw that this blowdrier was available in SA from watching this video by Vicky Mak.

The breakdown
The Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer is a hairdryer that has comes with a styling power comb and narrow styling nozzles. It is suitable for all hair types but the comb attachment makes it the perfect blowdryer for coily and kinky hair types.

What they say
The Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer 2000W is good for most hair types but especially for afro hair and very tight curly hair, frizzy hair types and for that thick, unruly, unmanageable hair (sic). The Power Comb is especially designed to leave hair with plenty of body, bounce and movement. It is perfect for eliminating curls or frizz whilst keeping yout hair looking luscious and full. (Lungi’s note: I have some issues with the wording used in the instruction manual but asikho lapho for this post).

Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer

The blowdryer has 2 speed, 3 heat settings and a cool shot function.

How I use it
I’ve only used this hairdryer on freshly washed hair – I prefer wearing my hair in it’s stretched state even if I’m wearing wigs, it just makes it easier to handle. I ensure that my hair is moisturised, fully detangled and I work in sections.

How do I like it
I love it! It has really shortened my wash day – I don’t think I’ll be going back to threading my hair ever again. I love that the comb attachment is wide-toothed, those are the only types of combs that I use in any case. It’s a real winner on all fronts for me.

Ebony By Carmen Power Comb Hairdryer

The power comb nozzle attaches with a firm rubber grip to be hairdryer so it’s super secure when I use it. The body of the hairdryer stays cool to the touch – this makes it easier for me to control the blowdrying process.

Price and availability
The hairdryer is available at Dischem (R320) and from Takealot (R310). Prices correct as of April 2021.

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Vicky Mak

    This hairdryer is definitely a game changer.

    1. Lungi

      Definitely! Thanks for putting me on!

  2. Diapeng

    Hi Lungi,

    Thank you for the heads up again. I love the fact that the attachment looks like an afro comb which I use.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Diapeng <3

  3. kangopie

    this is so me … i have greatly simplified my hair care routine and having a way to get my hair dry with as little fuss as possible – i was using the Babyliss – airstyle (its a round brush with hot air that give the whole blow wave to the hair) I think your dryer will be better coz of the wide teeth.

    1. Lungi

      Hey K
      I’m happy for us to have gotten to this point of our hair care routine

  4. Nomali

    I love this for all my natural girls who wasted years doing complex routines. I love that you’re now like, “no <3" lol.

    The hairdryer definitely sounds interesting

    1. Lungi

      So many years wasted I’m glad to be on the other side.
      Thanks for the comment

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