my sunday reset routine to prepare for a peaceful week

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There have been a couple of changes in my life that have fortunately given me more time on a Sunday evening/night and I decided to take full advantage to create a weekly Sunday reset routine to help me prepare for a peaceful week. I love the concept of getting my ducks in order the day before so that I know exactly what’s on my plate when I wake up.

My Sunday reset routine doesn’t exclusively start in the evening. I start in the late afternoon and I do little tasks throughout until I fall asleep. Here are the components of my Sunday reset.

I love getting in some strength training on a Sunday. I exercise in the late afternoon and it’s usually a 30-45 minute session that sets me up well for the week ahead.

Exfoliating skincare products

Shower, grooming & exfoliation
One of the highlights of my Sunday evening is taking a longer shower, doing some grooming if needed and exfoliating my skin or doing a mask. I don’t exfoliate every week but when I do I typically use The Ordinary’s Peeling Solution or the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

I have a number of journals that I use to help me out in my life. For my weekly reset, I will typically fill in my bullet journal with my meetings for the week, the weekly meal plan and transfer unfinished tasks from the previous week. I will also write in my one line a day journal.

Limit phone time
On weekdays, I aim to not be on my phone from after I finish work until my daughter has gone to sleep. On Sundays this will be from the time I start preparing dinner but sometimes I fail.

Read and sleep
Reading being the last thing I do before falling asleep has been a fantastic habit that re-introduced into my life and it has helped me out, I fall asleep so quickly. I was worried that reading a Kindle book on my tablet was going to affect that seeing as it’s technically screen time, but nope, for me it has the same effect as reading an actual book.

Do you have a Sunday reset routine?

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  1. Nomali

    This sounds so soothing. I’m a firm believer that Sunday does not exist. Don’t call, don’t come.

    1. Lungi

      same here. I try to not even leave the house on Sundays

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