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5 years ago I wrote about my then favourite in-shower body moisturisers, following that post, 2 of the products were discontinued in South Africa – I was distraught. I ended up using the Nivea Shower Oil on and off since then. But I’ve always been on the look out for affordable shower products that are moisturising and can possibly replace the in-shower body moisturisers and I think I have found my favourite shower products.

I bought the Shower Cream and the Shower Mousse from Woolworths and I have been using both the fragrance free and the almond milk & vanilla types .

I use these products during my evening shower – this is where I prefer using more creamier products. The Shower Cream texture is creamy (obvs.), it lathers though so it does give that “cleaning” effect. The Shower Mousse is light and airy in texture, it also lathers well.

Woolworths Shower Cream

On lazy evenings, I do not moisturise afterwards and I found my skin doesn’t dry out. However, on most evenings I will follow up with applying sweet almond oil on my damp skin and this gives me the most lush and moisturised skin before going to bed.

The almond and vanilla scent lingers on the skin well after finishing my shower, I really like that. The shower cream and mousse also come in lemon verbena scent and I am keen to try that out as well.

Shower Mousse

What are your current favourite shower products?

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  1. nomali

    These sound fun. My skin hs been acting out for over a year so I haven’t been experimenting much with body care stuff just pure soap and emulsifiers lol

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