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In this post I will be sharing my thoughts about the Ingram’s creams. No, before you ask, there wasn’t a 2 for 1 special. I received these products (and others) as part of a PR package a few weeks ago. The package also contained Ingram’s lotions that my favourite blogger Nomali has written about – go visit her post to find out more.

I’ve used these Ingram’s creams since I received them so I could share my thoughts here.

Firstly, they’re all so smooth in texture and so dang silky! The creams are not thick so they absorb well into the skin and they don’t leave the skin feeling sticky. I’ve written before about how I add oils to my moisturisers in winter to give them that extra boost – I don’t need to do that with these creams because they pack in a lot of moisture to the skin.

In my experience, when brands have multiple variants of the same product they’ll use the same ingredients and the only difference would be the fragrance. That was my expectation with these products and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t the case. Every cream has a different formula, which lets me know that the Ingram’s formulators are some hard working people 🙂

Ingram's Hemp Oil Cream

Speaking of fragrance, from what I can tell from the ingredients list, none of the creams have added fragrance, the scent of each cream comes from the key ingredients in it. The Sensitive Cream doesn’t have a particular scent, the Tissue Oil Cream has a light scent, while the Hemp Oil cream has a strong scent which I think can be very polarising – I didn’t like it at all.

I will be adding these Ingram’s Creams to my bodycare rotation, except for the Hemp Oil cream because the scent just doesn’t agree with me. But just with the 2, I won’t have to buy body moisturisers for a few months to come!

Ingram's Tissue Oil Cream

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  1. Simpz

    Ingrams has come a long way from the ‘camphor’ days. I’ll definitely try the tissue oil variant now I’ve been eyeing it for some time

    1. Lungi

      Right! They’ve upgraded and are giving us more variety

  2. Nomali

    I’m so looking forward to getting into the creams as well!

  3. Tsakane

    Love the tissue oil,

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