I finally caved & added eye creams to my skincare routine

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For the longest time I haven’t seen the need for an eye creams in my skincare routine. It honestly felt like an added extra that I didn’t need. However, I have been realising that after I had finished my skincare routine, there would be parts around my eye area which looked not so nourished, especially around the outer corners of my eyes.

Most skincare products I use will have explicit instructions that the product should not be used around the eye area i.e. keep away from the eye area. As an abiding skincare user, I have adhered to this instruction.

I have decided to religiously used hydrating eye creams so I can ensure that the area around my eye is sufficiently hydrated at the least. I think that’s the bare minimum that I can do at this stage.

hydrating eye creams

The product I have been using so far is the Delia Cosmetics Hyaluron Fusion Instant Under-Eye Roll-On with Lifting Effect – which I spoke about on this post. It’s the first product that I apply after cleansing my face. I use the roller ball to place the product around the under eye area then I use my ring finger to apply it all over the crevices of my eyes and my eyelids. I love how it leaves my eye area feeling and looking nourished

I also have the Clinique All About Eyes Serum which I bought a number years ago and never got around to using it. Unfortunately the product is not available on Clinique South Africa anymore.

Moving forward I will be looking into eye creams with active ingredients like retinol that I can safely use in that area.

Do you use eye creams in your skincare routine?

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  1. Zanele Mondi

    I do but I forget.
    Story time, One time I used them soo frequently and the excess cream I’d use on my nose then bammm my nose got lighter than the rest of my face lol.

    1. Lungi

      Hahahaha, that’s a funny story. I’ll be extra careful with it now

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