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A second post in this what I’ve been eating series. As said in the previous one, this is a sample of my meals since then (well those that I have taken photos of) & pretty much my most aesthetically pleasing meals .

Pretty much every Sunday breakfast because pancakes & bacon is my daughter’s fave breakfast & it’s what she re we have every Sunday because she requests it. Note the rainbow sprinkles in the pancakes 🙂
I sometimes have this for breakfast or as a snack. I add unflavoured whey protein powder to the yoghurt for that extra protein boost.

I went through a hectic turkey meatball phase . I bought some turkey mince and made the meatballs myself and froze them. For lunch, I’d pop 2-3 into the airfryer and put them on top of a starch & veggie combo. I’ve since moved onto to buying ready made turkey burgers and having them the same way as the meatballs.

Bagels are also a fave! Toasted, spread cream cheese & add whatever toppings I choose.

There’s pasta or rice or cous-cous underneath all the toppings. I can’t remember what I had it with 🙂

My current favourite seasonings. My sister introduced me to the chilli flakes and I’ve never looked back. I’ve always wanted to try the Everything Bagel seasoning & I was happy to find a local version.

Nali garlic
The best hot sauce in all of the land! I get this from Malawi when I go and if my BFF brings me some. It’s so delicious.

This is what’s been going into my belly as of late! See you next time.

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  1. Nomali

    That first plate of turkey meatballs looks so yummy. I clicked for that picture nje. Would love a recipe if it’s easy.

    1. Lungi

      I played around with a few recipes, I’ll find the link of the main one & link it in the post

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