winter 2021 favourites

I love a favourites post (reading them and writing them) – when I’m planning for one, like what you’re reading right now – it forces me to reflect and think about the things that made my season. Reading them on my fave blogs, like Nomali’s (she does monthly faves/refelctions) gives me a peek into what other are loving. These are the things that brought me joy in winter 2021.

Egg whites
I didn’t think that this day would come when *I* was an egg whites person! I decided to give them a try because I’m all about increasing my protein intake and egg whites are a great way to do this. I am happy to report that they have been amazing for this purpose. I have them for breakfast (2-3 times per week), added to 1 whole egg, to make scrambled eggs. I’m not at a point where I can have a 100% egg white scramble yet so I still need the 1 whoe egg to add some colour.

Lex Boot Ladies

Poetry boots
I’ve been on a search for flat boots to wear on those nippy days when I don’t feel like wearing heels. I’m currently on a drive to minimise my wardrobe by buying high quality items that I can wear for years to come. I found these black leather boots from Poetry and they were on sale at the time. I have been wearing them any chance I can get, they are so comfortable – I foresee many many years of use.

Apple Watch
I took the plunge and splurged on an Apple Watch in July and it has been the best money I have spent in a while. I love that it’s more than a fitness tracker and is more like a lifestyle device. It has fit so well into my life and has provided such ease to some of the daily tasks that I need to do and keep up with. And once FNB finally gave us Apple Pay, it elevated the love I have for my watch – being able to tap it on the card machine when paying is top tier.

Real man PJs
I had been on the hunt for cosy and warm winter PJs for a while and I couldn’t fine exactly what I wanted until I stepped into Pick n Pay. After browsing the women’s section and not finding anything I liked I ventured into the men’s section. I found these light but warm PJs that have been my saving grace on cold nights. There’s a running joke in my house where they call me “Real Man” when I’m wearing them because that’s what it says on the label :D.

Solo time
Since becoming a parent in 2017 my free time has been few and far in between and has someone who values time by myself to just be, this has been hard for me. These past few months I’ve been able to get time alone more often and it has been amazing. It goes without saying that I love my daughter and I love spending time with her but it’s nice not to hear “Mama” every 5 seconds for a whole weekend πŸ™‚

What brought you joy in Winter 2021?

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  1. Nomali

    The men’s section is full of gems nje. Wanting tome alone uzizwenucabangabis valid bandla. I don’t remember anything about winter other than being very cold lol. It’s been a long year.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Lungi

      your favourites posts are my fave

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