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I’m finally getting into adulting things for 2022, work-wise only though, my daughter is still on school holidays living her best life, so I haven’t quite kicked things off on the parenting side.

I took a nearly month long leave from mid-December till last Wednesday and I am so thankful to have been able to switch off from work for this long. From July 2021 I started in a new position at work and it has been go, go, go from then. The new role means more responsibility, visibility and more independence. Overall I think I have transitioned well with help from the previous incumbent of the role – apart from doses of imposter syndrome here and there, it has been a smooth-ish ride.

2021 ended with me in a highly anxious state every single damn day, it was exhausting and all consuming. Fortunately those anxieties have since eased and I am starting off on a clean slate-ish.

I was fortunate enough to land a Knorr campaign in December 2021 and that was fun to do and get back into the creative side of things. Also, I’m happy to be still getting campaigns even when I’m not highly active on the socials – that’s always a good sign.

Plans for the blog this year are to carry on with monthly-ish posts when life isn’t too busy and I can squeeze in a post. It remains my first love when it comes to all the spaces I occupy on the world wide web!

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  1. Nomali

    Happy New Year, Ma wefav! Looking forward to reading the posts you’re able to share this year.

    Work can bee so daunting, i wish more employers were invested in making it easier for workers to do their jobs.

    And YES to the Knorr campaign! My kind of stuff.

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