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I love these posts, they mark a point in my life and I can look back and reminisce! Here’s some of what has been happening in my life lately.

Back to school
In 2021, I did a short online course and it was a lot! This year I have signed up for another one and it is really taking me through the ringer. It is taking up so much of my already non-existant time outside of work. But, I am three quarters of the way through and I have my eyes fixated on that finish line.

No wigs in 2022
I decided not to wear wigs in 2022. Why? because I felt like I used them to hide my hair and I got lazy and too dependent on them. I am happy to report that I haven’t worn a wig once in 2022 and I am so proud of myself for that! Does it get hard, yes! Styling natural hair on the daily in between braids is a lot of work and fitting it around your activities does take some forward planning but I am taking on the challenge head on.

Digitising my life
I’ve always been a notebook and pen type of person. I love taking notes, and keeping a journal for life organisation and work. But at the beginning of 2022 I decided I wanted to move that part of my life to the digital side. In April, I bought myself an iPad, Apple pencil and a keyboard. I also bought the app Goodnotes. Since then I have moved all my note taking to the iPad and I am really enjoying it so far. Now the question is what I’m going to do with all the markers, washi tapes and notebooks that I bought during my bullet journaling phase?

Finding joy in makeup again
The pandemic, wearing masks, working from home really diminished my love for makeup. But as things are improving, panini wise, I am finding joy in putting on makeup and experimenting with different looks. As superficial as it is, putting on makeup brings me joy, gets my day started off right and I look cute to boot!

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