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While cleaning out my skincare this weekend, I decided to get rid of products that I haven’t used in a while and there wasn’t future prospects of me using. They’re those products that I didn’t like enough to finish using them. It’s not even worth giving these products to others because they are well past their use dates and belong in the bin.

Nikel Face Cream
I got this product in a goodie bag many moons ago. I used it as a night cream because it was so thick. It was also pretty hard to spread around and I would sometimes add oil a hydrating toner just to make it spreadable. It eventually became too much and I haven’t used this product in a while.

LÓreal Pure Clay Glow Mask
Clay masks really had their moment in my skincare routine a few years ago. I bought this mask as soon as it was launched. But I ended up reaching for it less and less in favour of hydrating sheet masks.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser
Another product that I got in a goodie bag. I recorded a first impressions video on my YouTube Channel. I used it a few times but again I reached for it less and less in favour of foamier cleansers. I think the steps to use just became cumbersome and I preferred other less fussier cleansers #lazygirlsunite

The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder
I fell hard into the cult of The Ordinary and was so excited about this product when it launched. I used it religiously before skincare gurus started raising red flags about this product and how we really shouldn’t be playing chemists and mixing our own products. Since then it’s been gathering dust, I did add it to my body moisturiser but it reacted funny with that so I called it quits.

That’s it! My skincare collection now consists of products that I actually use and like using.

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  1. Nomali

    The pure clay mask. Feels like a time capsule, sibuya kude.

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