Chilli Chocolate Chefs’ recipe book launch

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I attended the Chill Chocolate Chefs’ recipe book launch on Sunday and it was quite the event. This was the 4th recipe book that sisters Zainab and Faatimah were launching. The venue for the event was 20 on Barham in Westville which is such an oasis in the middle of surbubia.

The book itself, which we got as part of the goodie bag, looks wonderful. There are many recipes that I will be making for my family in the near future. The Chilli Chocolate Chefs are based on 5 Tinseltown House, 225 Musgrave Roa, Durban. You can purchase the book from their website for R500.

One thing about the launch, we were fed!! There was so much good food on offer and I took advantage of that and tasted everything that was on offer. Unfortunately as much as I tried to, I couldn’t pace myself and by the time dessert was served, I could only manage to eat the cheesecake.

Here are some photos from the recipe book launch event.

Zainab Paruk
Faatimah Paruk
The ladies of the moment, the Chilli Chocolate Chefs, Zainab & Faatimah Paruk
Chilli Chocolate Chefs Bringing it Home
A grazing table to share
My favourite was the one on the right, the steak stack… soooo delicious!
My favourite was the dish in the ramekin on the RHS, the steak
The only dessert that I managed to have, it was so yummy!
Their other books were also on sale
The decor was beautiful

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