a cooking class & walking tour in Amman, Jordan 🇯🇴

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Last week I was in Amman, Jordan for business travel. To be honest, when I received the email inviting me to the workshop in Amman, I had to go to open my Google Maps to find out where exactly Amman is because it was my first time hearing of it. After that I got excited because I love going to new places and especially when it’s destinations I wouldn’t have gone to for my personal travel.

Since I was there for work I was based in the hotel during the day (we were finishing quite late) so I didn’t get to see much for Monday till Thursday afternoon. However, luckily a cultural activity was organised for us on Thursday afternoon – a cooking class at Beit Sitti and a walking tour. This fit right in to my post that I did a few years back on how to make the most of a business trip.

Even though I didn’t see much, I have some thoughts about Amman…
1. The city is expensive! I mean like, paying R74 for a regular sized iced cappuccino expensive. I also ordered room service at the hotel and it was pricy, room service is generally expensive but it was a lot!
2. The hummus was out of this world delicious!
3. The city is very hilly, I made the mistake of trusting Google Maps and walking somewhere and I was sooooo knackered and sweating through the whole walk.

Some pictures from the cooking class, walking tour and my last night in Amman.

The site of our cooking class – Beit Sitti Cookery School
Drinking arak which is a Arabic alcoholic drink. It’s strong and has an aniseed flavour
The hugest aubergine we cooked over a flame to make moutabel
the spread
a plate!
Olive trees are everywhere in Amman
Got to learn that Amman is 70km from Jerusalem
We stayed at the Intercontinental Amman – it was a lovely hotel.
Amman at sunset

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  1. Diapeng

    How lovely! I admit, when you think about the Middle East, the only countries that come to mind are the Emirates and Israel. Quiet interesting to read about Jordan. Do they even speak English there?

    1. Lungi

      Same here! My knowledge of the Middle East is very scarce! Yes, English was pretty widely spoken in Amman

  2. Kgomotso

    Still love seeing the world through your blog posts. You’re very blessed to get to see the world through your work travels. That iced coffee price though! Tge food looks delicious – nom nom

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