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My daughter Nompilo has been more excited about my birthday than I have been this year. She has been counting down the number of sleeps since it was 7 sleeps away, lol! She has promised me a birthday card and a present which I will be awaiting patiently when I see her this afternoon.

As per usual birthday tradition, I am not working today – I have taken the day off and I’m having a spa day for some pampering. As I told my friendo Lebo, I don’t plan to be doing any labour today unless I absolutely have to.

I know I say it every year but I cannot believe that I am 37! Where has the time gone?? I’m grateful though to still be on this crusty earth doing this life thing even though sometimes siyaphila nje ngoba asina choice!

I love that I’ve been doing these birthday posts since I turned 30 🙂

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