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It’s been so long! I even forgot that I have a blog. This past weekend I was catching up on Nomali’s blog and enjoying her posts and I was inspired to get this blogging again. I’m aiming for at least 4 posts per month – I do enjoy blogging and writing my thoughts. So my comeback post will be a life update of sorts and then we can go back to normal programming.

Travel, travel, travel

2023 started off with a bang in terms of me travelling. I’ve been to Joburg, Abidjan in Ivory Coast and Dakar in Senegal. Truthfully, I am ready for a bit of a break, luckily I have one coming up for several weeks before I have to dust off my passport again. I’ve been to both Abidjan and Dakar before, I’ve always said that it’s always comforting to go back to a city I’ve been to before because things feels familiar and I’m not too out of sorts. It was my 4th time in Dakar! Can you imagine! They need to give me honorary citizenship at this rate.

Make up

I have really fallen off the makeup wagon, I hardly wear it anymore. Pre-pandemic I wore a full face of makeup daily during the week and now I couldn’t be bothered. My current makeup look is so simple, it takes 15 minutes max to put on (if my brows are done) and consists of only cream makeup products. The thought of putting on a full face of makeup just tires me.

Mpilo’s 6th birthday party

My daughter turned 6 in March and we threw a party for her. This was the second birthday party she’d had in her life, we held a small family gathering when she turned 1. This party was a huge success! She had such a great time with her friends. We’d been to many birthday parties in the past 2 years and she finally got to be “Ms Party” role which she loved! I have a feeling we’ll have to host birthday parties for the next few years 

In my dress era

I have been wearing and buying a loooot of dresses lately. I went shopping for jeans and pants sometime in late 2022 and was immediately defeated, everything that fit my bum didn’t fit my waist and the whole thing was a nightmare. Everything seems so be a low rise, which doesn’t work for me at all. I also like dresses because they’re a 1 stop outfit, you put one on and your outfit in complete. I usually buy them from Superbalist; Mr Price has some gems now and again.

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  1. Nomali

    That “four blog posts a month” goal is so elusive! But nginethemba we’ll come right lol. It’s been nice watching your travels on Twitter but I feel you on how it can be draining.

    Happy birthday again to my pisces KWEEN. Can’t believe she’s six.

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