a few products from the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop that I’ve tried out recently

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I was gifted this Vitamin C range gift set from The Body Shop late 2022. In terms of skincare products from The Body Shop, I’ve always leaned towards the Vitamin E range (I think I’ve pretty much have used 80% of the range). I have used 1 product from the vitamin C range many moons ago. So this gift set gave me a chance to dabble in the vitamin C range and see which products I may add to my skincare rotation.

Unfortunately the gift set is not in the SA online store at the moment so I don’t have any pricing information.

The gist set came with 5 products in a drawstring 100% cotton bag. The products are: Energising Face Mist, Daily Glow Cleansing Polish, Glow Revealing Liquid Peel, Sheet Mask and Exfoliating Gloves.

I’ve used them all except for the Sheet Mask, here are my thoughts:

I love the Face Mist, but that’s no surprise, the mist is fine, it feels hydrating on the skin. The Daily Glow Cleansing Polish has been my daily face wash of choice since the beginning of the year, it had little exfoliating beads in it that you can feel on the skin when you’re washing your face – if that’s not your jam, stay away from this product. I like it, it’s a good cleanser.

I’ve tried the liquid peel twice and I didn’t like it. It left my skin feeling sticky, and left little white particles on my skin which I had to pick off 1 by 1 – super annoying. I won’t be using it again, also I’m not sure what to do with it.

The gloves are just gloves, I put them in my travel toiletry bag for use when I’ve been flewed out. The drawstring bag I’ve been using to carry my on-the-go dental products in the daily handbag and it’s perfect for that!

Out of all these products in the gift set, I only see myself repurchasing the Face Mist, since the Vitamin E one was discontinued by The Body Shop, this one is a perfect replacement.

Have you tried any of the products from The Body Shop Vitamin C range?

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  1. Nomali

    I used the liquid peel back in the day, it wasn’t the best but shame I stuck it out. I found it okay at the time but yeah I think there are better products at the same price point. Surely.

    Cute bag though!

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