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    travel // glimpses of kampala and bamako

    Lake Victoria Uganda

    I’ve been out and about out of the country a couple of times in November for work purposes. The November trips were shorter than the Dakar trip I took in October so there wasn’t a lot of time for touring and exploring. However, I did manage to take some photos to share on my blog and give you glimpses of Kampala and Bamako in Uganda and Mali respectively. When I am traveling, I’m usually more active on my Instagram stories, so if you want current footage that is the place to go.  Read more…


    travel // goree island, senegal

    Goree Island 2017

    On my recent trip to Dakar we got to spend an afternoon at Goree Island. This was one of the landmarks that I had read about when I was researching on the tourist attractions in Dakar so I was vey happy when we were given a chance to go. We went on a sweltering hot Wednesday afternoon and spent about 2.5 hours on the island, this was enough to do a walkabout on the island and make it in time for the 16:30 ferry back.  Read more…


    travel // dakar, senegal

    Dakar travel blog

    I was fortunate to travel to Dakar, Senegal for a few days last week. It was a work trip – but I managed to include a bit of play. I arrived in the wee hours of Sunday morning, my direct flight from Johannesburg landed in Dakar just after midnight. It was my first time visiting West Africa, so I was pretty excited to check out the scene. South Africans travelling to Dakar require a visa, getting my visa was pretty easy and I didn’t have to pay anything for it. There will be a lot of content from this trip on the blog and on my YouTube channel; so be sure to check now and again for new content. Read more…


    travel // a weekend in the south coast

    Lake Eland Oribi Gorge

    In July we went on a family weekend getaway for my mom’s birthday. This time around we decided to go to the KZN south coast for some sun as opposed to our winter getaway last year. We stayed in the small suburb of Pennington, my sister found us a very beautiful house on AirBnB, it had a very beach house feel to it and it was a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach. It was a special holiday because it was my baby girl’s first (of many) holidays.  Read more…


    travel // midlands meander

    Midlands Meander - Lion's River Cottages

    This past weekend I spent in the KZN Midlands, Midlands Meander to be more exact. We went on a family holiday for my mom’s birthday. The holiday was a mixture of exploring and also relaxing, chatting and laughing with the family. Whenever we are together, laughter is the theme! Here are some snaps of our holiday. Read more…


    spice island // zanzibar

    Stone town, Zanzibar

    In my previous travel post, I wrote about how my sister and I used to go to island holidays back in the day. We also decided to venture out to the spice island: Zanzibar for a 5 day stay in November 2012. We chose Zanzibar because it’s close to SA and we got a very good deal. We were on an all inclusive deal which meant that our accommodation, meals, drinks were paid upfront. I found this to be so awesome because we didn’t need to worry about paying for food etc., we could just use our money for extra excursions and shopping. Read more…