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    Makeup brushes for the everyday face

    I wear makeup from Monday to Thursday during the work week; Friday is my off day :). I try to stick to a simple formula when it comes to my everyday face, I try not to be too experimental in the interest of time. Because of this I pretty much use the same tools to apply my makeup for work purposes. In this post I am sharing some of the brushes that I use, I also try to have backup brushes because I don’t wash my brushes as regularly as I should – so if one is dirty I like have another one that does the same job that I can use. Read more…


    my morning skincare routine

    Morning skincare routine

    In  2017 I shared my evening skincare routine on my YouTube channel and on the blog. In the video I mentioned how I put a lot of effort into my evening routine more than my morning routine. I feel that in the evening my skin needs extra care because it’s dealing with all the dirt, grime & makeup from the whole day. In the mornings I keep it simple and do a few steps before applying my makeup – I am usually very short of time in the mornings so a quick morning skincare routine is right up my alley.  Read more…


    how to // take care of your skin when travelling

    skincare when travelling

    If you are a loyal reader of my blog you would know that I am hectically into taking care of my skin, and this means keeping to my tried and tested routine consistently. Travelling and being away from home has the possibility of throwing my routine off course and derail any improvements that I have made so far. So if you’re like me and want to keep to your routine no matter where you are in the world, I have come up with some tips and tricks to help you maintain that goal. Read more…


    face and body product empties

    face and body empties

    I love the feeling of finishing a product, be it a makeup, bath or body product, I get such a sense of accomplishment. I also feel that as a blogger, the best reviews come from the products that you actually use till the bitter end, then you can truly tell how the product treated your skin and have a better sense on whether to repurchase or not. I have a number of empties that have accumulated over the last 2 months and I want to share my thoughts on them and whether I will be repurchasing or not. Read more…


    low end vs high end // brow pencils

    eyebrow pencils

    All makeup lover knows that brows are everything and can either make or break a look. A lot of us need a bit (or a lot of help) in the brow department; we have to fill them in to get them looking fleeky. I have gone through a lot of brow products; it’s an ever evolving process. There are many different kinds out there from powders, pomades, pencils, crayons and so forth. I own all the the above listed, but in this post I want to concentrate on brow pencils. The aim of these types of posts is to save you guys some coins and give you alternative low end products that are just as good as the high end ones. I’ve done this type of post previously for mascaras and setting spraysRead more…


    Postbox Courier x Boxycharm

    Postbox Courier and Boxycharm

    If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I like a bit of online shopping here and there when I have saved up some coins. While I don’t mind waiting 2 months plus for items that I buy from AliExpress, when I buy makeup from the USA I want my items delivered to me ASAP. In the past I have used this one shipping forwarding service and I wasn’t 100% happy with their service. So when the people from PostBox Courier contacted me and asked me to review their service, I was on board and ready to jump ship. I used this service to ship my September Boxycharm, read on to find out about Postbox Courier and to peep the contents of the September Boxycharm. Read more…